Pete Pidgeon & Arcoda

Think - Feel - Reflect


"All the Little Things [is musically awesome]. Pete Pidgeon has a powerful singer-songwriter voice, and his production here cannot be criticized. The songs sashay across the Americana landscape, visiting bluegrass, gospel, jazz – you name it. This is a high quality recording that someone paid well for. The songs themselves [are] well performed and recorded [and] sound impressive."
- Scene Magazine
"Pidgeon's songwriting prowess is acute."
- Relix Magazine
"Pidgeon’s singing chops have always set him apart from the pack; he displays a simply fearless mastery of feel-the-note-and-it-will-come vocals."
All The Little Things [is] chock full of Americana spirit [and] a solid display of Pidgeon’s wide range of talent.”
“Conviction, if not downright fervor, carries Pete far.”
- Boston Metro
"[All the Little Things] is solid."
"Motivation is what Pete had the second he hit the streets of Denver. From day one, he ingrained himself in the scene, hustled to get shows, and appeared on the 'Songs of Their Own Series' leading up to the GD50 Grateful Dead reunion shows."
- Marquee Magazine
"No one in the hall could complain about Arcoda's performance. Like professionals, they played like it was a sold-out show and they challenged us to be an audience worthy of that experience."
"Part of what makes Pete fit in so well is his earnest, engaging nature and his open stylistic approach that includes pop, Americana, jazz, and even some funk."
- Jester Jay
"Growing Pains is beautiful. Of course the Levon [Helm] track [But It Don't Worry Me] kills all around.”
- Russ Lawton (Trey Anastasio Band)
"Doubt Is For Losers is an example of genre-defining pop excellence."
- Performer Magazine
"Doubt Is For Losers oozes confidence and class.”
- Leicester Bangs (UK)
“I like the songs. Nice work. Overall, Pete, I think you have a lot of talent.”
- Ed Toth (Doobie Brothers)
“[...At First Sight] is an excellently-produced collection.”
- Poughkeepsie Journal
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